Christian McCaffrey Adds Zach Bryan As Board Member Of His Foundation, Says “We Are Working On Something Big Together”

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And the plot thickens.

Remember a few weeks ago when we told you that Carolina Panthers running back Christian McCaffrey was a huge fan of Zach Bryan?

They’d hinted at the idea of them playing some music together, as Christian is an incredible piano player, and it seemed like something they were both open to doing at some point in the future.

Well, it appears they’re now going to be working together in some capacity, as Christian officially welcomed Zach to the board of directors for his Christian McCaffrey Foundation.

How cool is that? I absolutely love it. And yes, I’m a very biased (and usually sad) Panthers fan.

Christian’s foundation supports military and servicemen and woman in a variety of ways, aiming to:

“Serve as a catalyst for the community and country by supporting those who sacrifice daily for the benefit of many.

We show up for our servicemen and women for standing at the front of the most critical challenges of our time.”

Seeing as Zach is an active-duty member of the US Navy, it seems like a perfect fit.

Christian took to Instagram to share the news, saying:

“I’m honored to announce that my good friend, singer/songwriter, and active-duty member of the US Navy, Zach Bryan is joining the board of the Christian McCaffrey Foundation!”

And Zach replied in the comments with:

“Honored is an understatement. Thank you.”

Seeing the two of them team-up for such a great cause is really something special.

Though they’re kind of an unexpected duo, I couldn’t be more excited to see what they have up their sleeve and all the good work they will do together for the wonderful active-duty and reserve members of our military branches.

Oh, and there’s one other important part Christian included in the caption:

“We are working on something big together to support those who serve us. Stay tuned…”

Maybe we’ll finally get a duet of Christian’s favorite song. I definitely think it would sound great with a little piano:

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