Kentucky Man Lucky To Be Alive After .50 Cal Rifle Explodes On Camera

Scott DeShields, a former Kentucky State Trooper, was nearly killed in a terrifying accident earlier this year.

He runs a YouTube account called Kentucky Ballistics. The page has just shy of 2 million followers and posts regular content related to firearms and ammunition.

Back in April DeShields was clinging to life after the .50 caliber rifle he was shooting for a video demonstration exploded in his face. Pieces of the exploding rifle tore into his hat, finger, eyes, lung, and throat.

He was using specialized ammunition that is no longer on the market. The round that exploded in the rifle was powerful enough to shoot through the fire hydrant he was aiming at for the video.

“Everything was going pretty smooth. We shot the fire hydrant several times, but the SLAP rounds were acting a little funny. One of the slap rounds hit like a foot and a half low and to the right.”

He decided to shoot one more round, a decision that forever altered his life. He believes the defective ammunition may have intentionally been tampered with.

“When I pulled the trigger, the gun exploded almost immediately.”

His father was on site running the camera when the gun exploded. Had he been alone, he likely would not have survived the explosion. His father quickly stopped the bleeding the best he could with his shirt, did his best to keep his son conscious, and sped down the road to meet up with an ambulance.

From there he was flown by medical helicopter to the Vanderbilt University Medical Center where he required several emergency surgeries. He remained in the trauma unit at the hospital for several days but has since been discharged and is recovering at home.

He plans to continue making videos and creating content even in the midst of recovering from this horrible accident.

Though it will be a long hard road to recovery, DeShields is lucky to be alive and well on his way to making a strong comeback.

“I’ve had to have facial surgery to repair all this. I have vision coming back now and they say my eye should make a full recovery.

There’s nothing that can keep me from continuing on.”


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