Oklahoma’s “Meat Head” Governor Is Also A Bear Hunter

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Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt is currently receiving the internet’s attention for trolling PETA.

After PETA put up a billboard calling Governor Kevin Stitt a “meathead,” and also calling for people to “go vegan for life,” the governor fired up the grill and fired back at PETA with a good ol’ fashioned cookout… right under the billboard.

Governor Stitt has already proved he’s got a taste for wild game meat in addition to beef,  and he knows how to operate and bow and arrow too.

He’s also a legitimate bear hunter.

Something that I’m sure will outrage the folks at PETA even more.

Where’s the bear beef? In the freezer at Governor Stitt’s house, apparently

His successful 2020 bear hunt was showcased by the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation.

“Congratulations to Governor Kevin Stitt on his successful bear hunt in southeast Oklahoma!

Oklahoma is home to a healthy & growing bear population. Biologists have been tracking and studying bears for decades and hunting is an important tool in the management of this thriving population.”

Oklahoma’s archery bear season in southeast part of the state takes place in mid October.

The large majority of bears in Oklahoma are shot on private land by hunters with crossbows during the first week of the archery season. For more details in bear hunting in the Sooner State, the Department of Conservation is your best resource.

Bear Hunting Magazine routinely provides a series of articles that make great introductory reading for prospective new bear hunters, and the site also provides a trusty list of outfitters who would be happy to guide you on your first bear hunt. 

Black bears are actually one of the most versatile wild meat game meats out there, and bear fat can even be repurposed into artisanal cooking oil, soaps, and candles.

For those more interested in getting into bear hunting through a do it yourself approach, check out this article from Safari Club International and Ursa Major Outfitters from Canada to ensure you know what you need to do in order to maximize the efficiency of your bear harvest.

“We hang the meat in a cooler for about 24-48 hours and then it is butchered with the cuts similar to a pig. Bear meat has a very similar texture to pork but a flavor more in line with beef. My favorite cuts of bear meat are roasts, chops, and burgers.

The most versatile part of a bear is the fat, which is cut off the carcass immediately after skinning to allow the meat to cool. This fat is then frozen before being rendered down to make bear oil and tallow.

This rendered tallow has multiple uses. Sali utilizes this by making her own signature soaps, lip balm, beard balm, and cooking oil. She also uses bear claws to make custom jewelry.”

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