Oklahoma Governor Grills Burgers And Steaks Under PETA Billboard Calling Him A Meathead

Gotta think the Oklahoma governor’s not going vegan any time soon.

After PETA put up a billboard calling Governor Kevin Stitt a “meathead,” and also calling for people to “go vegan for life,” the governor fired up the grill and fired back at PETA with a good ol’ fashioned cookout… right under the billboard.

The whole saga started when Colorado Governor Jared Polis declared March 20 to be “Meat Out” day in his state, an attempt to get Coloradans to go meatless for a day.

Oklahoma, in response, declared the week of March 21-26 to be “Eat Meat Week,” a week meant to highlight and promote the state’s farmers and ranchers.

Well of course the lunatics at PETA didn’t like the idea of “Eat Meat Week,” so they bought a billboard in Oklahoma City declaring Oklahoma to be “home of meathead Gov. Kevin Stitt.”

Then the governor decided to turn up the heat, claiming that the area in front of the billboard “looks like a great spot to grill some burgers.”

So that’s exactly what he did.

Hauling in a giant propane grill and some coolers full of burgers and steaks, Stitt set up his cookout right in front of the billboard before stepping behind the grill to flip some burgers.

According to Stitt, the cookout was simply a fun way to show support for the state’s agriculture industry.

“It’s all in good fun.

Oklahomans know that we’re going to stand by our agriculture industry and our personal freedoms… and the freedom to go vegan if you want and the freedom to eat hamburgers if you want.”

And making fun of PETA is always a nice little bonus too.

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