Man Arrested At Kid Rock’s Bar For Removing Colostomy Bag And Swinging It Around

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We had a real life shitstorm at Kid Rock’s last night people.

No, literally.

According to @ScanNashville on Twitter, a call came over the Metro Nashville Police radio last night for assistance at Kid Rock’s Big Ass Honky Tonk Rock ‘N Roll Steakhouse on Lower Broadway.

Seems there was a man who was stirring up shit at the bar. And by that I mean he had removed his colostomy bag and was flinging literal poo around at others.

According to the scanner traffic, this was the third time police had been in contact with the man that night, and he had previously refused medical attention both times. Then when police encountered the man again, he removed his colostomy bag and began flinging poo on the responding officers.

Now, first of all, I feel like I need to clarify that there’s no indication whether this man was actually inside the bar or out on the street in front of Kid Rock’s.

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But can you imagine being out for a night of partying and literal feces starts raining down on you? There’s just no coming back from that. Call it a night. Call it a weekend. Call it a year. But you’ve gotta call it at that point. It’s over.

That’s one time I would be thankful that we’re still required to wear masks.

Well the poo-flinging man was eventually arrested (thoughts and prayers for the poor officer who had to transport him to the clink) and at least one officer was temporarily out of service after having to run home to make a wardrobe change.

Gotta think he deserves the rest of the night off for that one.

There’s no word yet on what charges the man’s facing  (it’s probably ASSault, am I right?) but I would hate to be his cellmate once he gets to jail.

I didn’t think there was anything worse than the “woo girls” downtown, but the “poo guys” definitely take the cake on that one.

Looks like Nashville is finally getting back to normal.

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