Wishing Billy Ray Cyrus & The Fam (And Their Entire Safe Full Of Weed) A Happy 4/20

Tish Cyrus and woman holding a large fish

Happy 4/20.

It should go without saying, but in case my mom is reading some blogs today, April 20th is the annual holiday designated for the celebration of all things marijuana.

Whether you’re sparking up a joint, indulging in some delicious (or not so delicious) special brownies, or whatever you’re preferred method is, today is the day to finish up your work (maybe take the day off) and send yourself to Pluto… right up there next to Willie Nelson.

And speaking of Willie, we already know what the usual suspects are doing…

Willie Nelson, Snoop Dogg, Seth Rogen, Matthew McConaughey, etc… they’re all celebrating Mother Nature’s great green gift, but then there’s Billy Ray Cyrus and his ENTIRE SAFE full of weed.

I mean, I’d like to think that Willie and Snoop roll (no pun intended) like this, but something tells me Billy Ray might be in a league of his own.

What a legend.

From the greatest mullet in country music history, to the greatest guilty pleasure song in country music history, to the biggest safe full of weed (probably) in country music history…. Billy Ray Cyrus just continues to be a force in the areas of the genre that don’t really matter, but are still wildly entertaining.

And according to Miley, her folks have a rather incredible way of passing the time when they’re higher than the grocery bill.

Billy Ray and Tish like to smoke up and play with hummingbirds.

So happy 4/20 to the mom and pop Cyrus.

I imagine Billy Ray (and Tish) are already neck deep in that safe, probably playing with some hummingbirds and still cashing those “Old Town Road” checks.

Cue up the “Angel In My Pocket.”

Fun fact: Brandi and Tish also have podcast called “Sorry We’re Stoned.”

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock