Parker McCollum Kicks Out Scumbag Fan: “You Never, Ever Touch A Woman… Get The F*ck Outta Here Dude”

A group of people on a stage

Live music is alive and well, at least in Texas.

Unfortunately, with that comes some of the obnoxious bullshit that’s bound to happen when you throw a bunch of drunk together in people in a crowd.

But don’t even try it at Parker McCollum‘s show… your ass will be bounced out of there in a heartbeat.

A video from a recent concert shows Parker kicking a guy out of his show after he allegedly threw a drink on a woman.

“Hey, he’s gotta go. That dude’s got to go… Not at my show, you got to go. Get the f*ck out.

You never ever pour anything on a woman or touch a woman, first of all. Get the f*ck outta here dude.”

Handled it like a pro.

Can you imagine not being able to go to a concert for a whole year, and then when you finally do get to see one of the best up-and-coming artists in country music you act like an asshole and get kicked out? The hell is wrong with these people?

From the screaming and cheering it sounds like everybody else was glad to see this guy get tossed too, and hopefully everybody else got to enjoy the rest of what I’m sure was a kickass show.

With concert season heating back up after almost a year, I’m afraid we’re going to see more of these videos as people forget how to not act like an asshole in public – so stay tuned.

But of course, nobody lays down the law quite like Justin Moore.

At a show a few years back, Justin spotted a fan throw a drink at a woman in Chicago, stopped the show, pulled the fan up to the front of the stage, and put the fear of God into him.

“If you ever throw anything at a woman, at another one of my shows… I’m gonna beat the f*ck outta you.”


Aaron Lewis too.

A few years back, Aaron saw a man hit a woman from the stage and immediately put a hit on the guy.

“If that really just happened, if that dude really just hit that girl… somebody better F*CK HIS A** UP.”

And make sure to check out more country stars breaking up fights.

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