Lady Calmly Explaining What To Do If You Get Too High Might Be The Most Soothing Video On The Internet

Every now and then, you take a few too many hits of the Mary-J, the sticky icky, the Devil’s lettuce (whatever you like to call it), and next thing you know you’re zooted to the point where you can’t even function.

Most of us have been there at one point or another… so with 4/20 right around the corner, what to do in this unfortunate situation?

Thankfully, the greatest video in the history of the universe is available to help.

Alice Bradley, Lifehacker, former victim of getting too stoned, and quite possibly the sweetest lady on Earth, reminds us that no matter how ripped you are, it’s all gonna be okay.

Here are the key steps Ms. Bradley teaches us:

1. Breathe some fresh air – sometimes you need to take a step outside, or open up a window, look up at the sky, and admire the spherical shape of the earth.

2. Stay hydrated – You probably won’t have this issue, because the cottonmouth will have you chugging H2O in an instant, but some nice hydration is a great way to calm down the paranoia.

3. Make Lemonade – According to Ms. Bradley, lemons can help regulate THC levels.

4. Grind some pepper – If you feel like you’re so high you could touch the moon, get you some pepper. It’s been known to help bring you back down.

4. Watch TV – A nice sitcom such as Friends can help bring you back to reality.

5. Phone a friend – Sometimes you just need a familiar voice to remind you that everything’s gonna be okay.

And it must work, the video has nearly 6 MILLION views.

Also, you could just listen to the background music of this video… it should be plenty to easy your troubled thoughts.

I mean, I’m not even high and Ms. Bradley has me feelin’ more relaxed than I’ve been in weeks.

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Cue the Eric Church…

“Turn the quiet up, turn the noise down…”

And the Chris.

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