“Sweet Virginia” Shows Off A New, Softer Side Of Kip Moore

Playing the game of love often means walking a fine line.

It can cause you to question who you are, what you want, and pretty much everything else. Kip Moore is an artist I’ve rarely heard doubt himself.

“Sweet Virginia” from his most recent album Wild World, dives into this exact scenario.

He’s essentially pleading with the girl to give him some sort of sign to encourage his next steps. He wants her, of course, but can’t decide if the interest is returned when he hears nothing the day after what is assumed to be a successful night prior. Is it all just a game?

More than a well thought out story, it’s a refreshing stream of consciousness where Kip is begging for information:

“Well, love is fleeting,
But love ain’t blind,
I never thought that I was,
The sentimental kind,
Guess I’m a sentimental kind,

Sweet Virginia,
If it’s all just a game,
Oh, tell me, my darling,
Oh, tell me what part I should play”

Nothing will make a man admit he may have some sentimental traits after all, like the girl he wants giving him the run around.

I think this song is so different for him and I love it. We’re used to hearing such matter-of-fact, to-the-point stories so it’s fun to get a peak into another layer of his mind.

According to Apple Music, the inspiration came from his experience and observation in navigating relationships in our modern times that often seem to make dating way more complex than it needs to be:

“I think now more than ever, it’s like everyone’s scared to put their cards on the table. I feel like when you listen to stories of your grandparents and even your parents, everything was a lot more direct in those times.

Now everything seems to be more of a game. A lot of times you might be feeling something strongly, but there seems to be someone not having clarity on one side or the other.”

He’s got a great point. When can we go back to that? Seriously…

Backed with an upbeat production and his signature gravelly voice, you’re gonna want to add this one to your playlist.

And the spectacular acoustic version from his In The Wild Sessions:

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