White Claw Unveils “Surge,” Their New 16oz. Hard Seltzer With 8% ABV

Two cans of soda

White Claw is kicking it up a notch.

Just in time for summer, the seltzer giant is unveiling a new line of their already-insanely popular beverages – and this time they’re even stronger.

White Claw Hard Seltzer Surge will come in two new flavors, Blood Orange and Cranberry, and will have an ABV of 8%, up from the 5% that their other seltzers contain. The new harder seltzers will also come in 16-ounce cans instead of the regular 12-ounce cans.

Trying to make it even easier to get white girl wasted, eh White Claw? I see you.

White Claw Chief Marketing Officer John Shea said about the new product line:

“White Claw has experienced tremendous growth and consumers have insatiable appetite for new products. So, for us it was a simple decision to give fans new options they crave with the same great tasting flavor profile we know they love from White Claw.”

The new product line also comes alongside a new variety pack featuring brand new flavors of Blackberry, Strawberry and Pineapple alongside the fan-favorite Mango.

With the announcement of their new higher-ABV seltzer, people took to Twitter comparing the new product line to an old favorite: The original Four Loko.

I’m gonna need people to slow down there though.

The original Four Loko was up to 14% ABV, and the caffeine and alcohol combination in the original formula was enough to absolutely fuck your shit up.

So while an 8% ABV White Claw is great, it’s just not fair to compare it to the OG of canned blackout fuels.

But still, a seltzer that will get you drunk faster and even comes in bigger cans?

Even as somebody who doesn’t really drink seltzer and doesn’t understand the seltzer craze, I’ll admit they have my attention.

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