Eric Church’s “Two Pink Lines” Is Criminally Underrated

It’s impossible to find a bad Eric Church song…. it just is.

Since the North Carolina native took the country music world by storm back in 2006, the man has consistently released great song after great song, radio play be damned.

And with the amount of success he’s seen, it’s easy for a lot of his great music to get overlooked, and in my opinion, there’s one song in particular that doesn’t get nearly as much love as it should:

“Two Pink Lines.”

Talk about a BANGER. The song was released on his first album, Sinners Like Me, and often took a backseat to other legendary songs on the album like “Sinners Like Me,” “These Boots,” and “Guys Like Me,” and I think we need to take the time to discuss the songwriting genius and fun nature of this song.

The song immediately grabs your attention with a badass percussion intro that’s later joined with a harmonica, giving the song a ’90s southern rock feeling from the get go.

Then, Eric tells us a story of one of the scariest moments any teenage boy could face in his life. He sings about how he spent his first summer fresh out of high school with a girl, and it was all fun and games until he was hit with the reality that his girlfriend might be pregnant.

“We were young and on fire and just couldn’t wait, six weeks in, she was three weeks late.”

Three weeks late? Sheesh, it’s not looking too good my guy. He continues the story, as he drives his girl to the gas station to take a pregnancy test (which is what he means by two pink lines), and she’s crying, while he’s contemplating what in the hell he’s going to do if it comes out positive.

As he’s waiting in the truck, he’s wondering what he’s going to tell his and her parents, or if they need to run off somewhere and never come back. In three minutes time, she walks out of the gas station, and by some miracle the test came out negative.

Whatta relief.

But unfortunately for Eric, she grabs her coat and simply says:

“See you around.”

Damn, he spent all that time stressing over the situation just for her to call off the summer fling. Tough scene.

I mean this song has it all. Humor, fear, happiness, then sadness, with a sense of relatability to tons of people across the world. Talk about a roller coaster of emotions. If you haven’t had the chance to listen to this song, you won’t regret it.

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