Wife Makes Pathetic “Sexual Rewards List” For Husband, Immediately Gets Torched In The Comments

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This is one sad, sad, SOB…

A few years back, this photo of a wife’s list of “sexual rewards” based on what her husband does around the house went viral.

And now, it looks like it’s making the rounds again.

The first time around, plenty of folks called the list pathetic, a few called it pretty cringeworthy, and most agreed that it was embarrassing as all hell. And sure, to each their own, different strokes (no pun intended) for different folks, whatever…. but COME ON already…

As someone that’s been married for a year (not long, I know) I’m pretty sure he should just be helping out around the house anyway, right?

Dishes, vacuuming, watching his own kids? Come on dude… step up, do your damn job, and your wife will probably be happier with you anyways.

You know what they say, happy wife =  happy life.

Needless to say, they got torched in the comment section:

Straight up. If your wife is making this list up, she is absolutely unattracted to you.

You shouldn’t have to ask your partner who’s the parent of your kid to look after them but ok. 

I would do a lot for a Blowey Joey, but watching after my own kids, that is just too far.

This is truly sad cringe.

It gets worse…

Their sex must be terrible if she considers it a chore.

If there’s 2 things I hate is people who need incentive to be a contributing household/family member and people who act like sex is a chore.

I can’t imagine being in a relationship where I had to bribe my husband with sex to get him to help with the housework.

Well, if divorce is the goal I’m sure this will work.

This is fucked up. A husband should do those things because he is the second half of a partnership and household, not for weird, sexual incentive.

Hire a maid and just fuck the maid. Seems easier.


Check out the full list:

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