Twitter Erupts Over Lil Nas X’s $1,000 “Satan Shoes,” Which Sold Out In Under A Minute

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Just two years ago, Lil Nas X came out with the song that shook up the entire music world.

It was the most viral song of the year, and the remix that featured Billy Ray Cyrus went on to become one of the biggest music moments we’ve ever seen.

At that time, the big debate was whether or not the song was a country song (it’s decidedly NOT, but that’s an argument for another day). And these days, we’ve come a long way on the controversy scale for Lil Nas X since then.

This week, Lil Nas teamed up with MSCHF to release “Satan Shoes” which are Nike Air Max ‘97’s with a little bit of a twist.

These shoes cost $1,018, there are only 666 pairs being made and each one contains a drop of human blood. (Also, it should be noted that these are not a Nike release, so let’s hold the phone before everybody starts talking about boycotting Nike).

In his most recent music video for “Montero” there’s a scene where he gives the devil a lap dance, which I assume is where the idea for these shoes come from, and where our controversial story begins.

But as a result, the internet had a lot to say about these sneakers.

You had some resort to the joke method of coping, my personal favorite.

Others were much more upset about the shoe.

A majority don’t care for it, including the likes of college football star, Trevor Lawrence and Kristi Noem who is the Governor of South Dakota.

It wasn’t all negative though, some went as far to say that they’d rock the shoes in church. I guess some just like to see the world burn…

And surprising nobody…. they sold out in under a minute. A MINUTE!?

Welcome to the internet in 2021.

Did I wake up today expecting to write about a new shoe containing human blood? Absolutely not, but that’s life on the internet… expect the unexpected.

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