Travis Tritt, The Oak Ridge Boys & More Question Why Concert Venues Are Still Closed While Airplanes Are Packed

Travis Tritt with a beard
David Abbott

Travis Tritt is ready for concerts to come back.

In a tweet yesterday, Travis questioned why commercial airlines are able to pack people in shoulder-to-shoulder on flights, but concert venues are still closed.

I mean, he’s kinda got a point.

At the start of the pandemic, airlines began blocking middle seats on their flights to allow more room for social distancing. One by one, though, almost all airlines are back to packing flights to their full capacity, with Delta being the only major airline still not selling those dreaded middle seats. (They have announced they will continue blocking middle seats until at least April 30).

Yet, most concert venues (outside of Texas, Florida, and a few other select states) are still either shut down or operating at a drastically reduced capacity.

Sure, there’s some hope on the horizon, with Colorado potentially bringing back concerts at 80% capacity by July and Nashville announcing that their Fourth of July celebration would feature live in-person music.

But it’s a hell of a lot easier to socially distance at a concert (if you choose to) than on an airplane where everybody is packed in beside each other with nowhere else to go. Not to mention the fact that flying is (often) not optional. If you’ve got a long trip or if you’re travelling for business, flying is often times your only reasonable option.

Meanwhile, nobody is forcing anybody to go to concerts. If you don’t want to be around other people at a concert, you’re able to make that choice. If you don’t want to be around other people on an airplane, well, good luck with that.

Travis’ tweet has gotten a lot of attention, mostly from people agreeing with him that the logic behind keeping concert venues closed doesn’t really make a lot of sense at this point. The Oak Ridge Boys and John Rich both commented on the Tweet.

Whether you agree with Travis or not, and of course this will never be a cut and dry issue, you’re always going to know where he stands.

Travis is gearing to up launch his first album in over a decade, Set In Stone, featuring the nostalgic new single “Smoke In A Bar.”

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