Florida Women Dress Like Grannies to Skip COVID Vaccine Line

Watch out Florida Man, it looks like we’ve got Florida Grannies running around down there now.

Well, not real grannies.

Turns out it was just two women dressed like grannies trying to skip the line and get the COVID vaccine.

According to Dr. Raul Pino of the Florida Department of Health in Orange County, vaccinators at Orlando’s Orange County Convention Center site noticed that two women who showed up to get their second dose of the COVID vaccine “looked funny.” The women were apparently wearing bonnets and gloves, despite the 60-degree temperatures.

And while they had vaccination cards showing that they had already received their first dose, employees noticed issues with their names and birth dates not matching up with their identifications.

That’s when the police were called in, and it was discovered that the ladies were actually only 34 and 44 years old – and Florida is only vaccinating people who are 65 and older.

Body camera footage shows police scolding the two wannabe-grannies for jumping the line, telling the women that they’ve “stolen a vaccine from somebody that needs it” more than them, and giving the two not-so-golden girls a trespass warning from the premises. They were also told their information would be flagged with the state’s vaccine software and that they shouldn’t try to pull the stunt again, but ultimately the pair was let go without being arrested.

Pino said that now the state has to figure out how the two women received the first dose of the vaccine, and whether they had pulled the same stunt the first time around.

Listen, I know there are a lot of people that want the vaccine (and a lot of people who don’t), but maybe just stay in your house a little while longer instead of committing a crime in hopes of getting the jab.

I used to think it was just Florida Man who was a little insane, but nowadays it seems like everybody in that state is just nuts – even the grannies (or should I say, wannabe-grannies).

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