The Chicks Once Got In A “Sh*t Ton Of Trouble” For Ordering Shots To The Stage

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Sounds about right…

The Chicks, formerly known as the Dixie Chicks, recently sat down with Apple Music’s Kelleigh Bannen to talk about some of their hits, their name change, performing with Beyoncé and more.

But they also got into coming up as females in the industry.

Kelleigh talked about how she was asked to only wear skirts or shorts to radio meetings and the Chicks followed up with a story about how they once got in a TON of trouble for ordering a round of shots to the stage… in a bar. Yes, doing a shot on stage got them dragged into the Sony office for a talkin’ to.

MARTIE: We did a promo concert at a smoky bar one night and it was a bunch of radio people. I remember we got in a shit ton of trouble because we ordered beers up to the stage.

NATALIE: No, shots. We did shots.

MARTIE: Oh, shots. Okay. Whatever. Alcohol. Alcohol… We got in so much trouble and were called into the Sony office the next day about the fact that we drank. Isn’t that crazy? This wasn’t the 50’s. This was the 90’s. Because we drank onstage.

NATALIE: Nashville has kind of … I don’t know. Back then. I don’t know what it’s like now. But they did have a reputation for having this shwarmy formulaic way of breaking artists. I think most artists did that… I think it’s easier to stay strong, be yourself, speak up when there’s three. Because really also, I just don’t think they gave us much flack because we were sort of an army.

Imagine getting scolded by your record label for ordering some drinks at a show? Something tells me this wasn’t a problem for many of the male artists in country music…

But maybe it’s a product of the times as well. I mean, nowadays, most artists perform with some form of alcoholic beverage on stage, especially the men, and even artists like Ashley McBryde and Miranda Lambert are known for having a drink or two on stage.

My guess is that it’s probably a bit of both…

Here’s a clip from more of their conversation:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock