Matthew McConaughey Breaks Down His Forumla For Rom-Com Success

Matthew McConaughey has delivered some incredible performances over the years, including his Academy Award winning performance in Dallas Buyers Club.

But he also has a run of incredible performances in the rom-com department. Granted, you’re not gonna win any awards for a rom-com, but in the 2000s, McConaughey was on a run of rom com HEATERS.

We’re talking How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days, Failure To Launch, Ghosts Of Girlfriends Past, The Wedding Planner… all of which are fantastic options to nurse a hangover on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

So what’s the recipe? What makes McConaughey’s rom com roles different from others? According to him, it’s two things:

1. Delusional optimism.

2. Don’t emasculate the male.

And when you think about it, or at least as myself, a 30-year old man that digs Matthew McConaughey rom coms thinks about it, this is exactly why you love them. The male lead (played by McConaughey, duh) is always a cool character, a charmer, a free spirit… you can watch the movie and say “now that’s a guy I can identify with,” idealistically of course…

But then, at the end of the day, he still wants to be loved, he still has emotions, he’s usually humbled, and deep down, you know you probably don’t have it all figured out either. And you can identify with that too (at least if you’re honest with yourself).

It’s pretty cool to hear him break it all down like that, and if nothing else, know that these movies don’t just happen by accident. They might be a bit cheesy at times, but there is real thought behind them, real work put into developing the persona of the characters.

And by the way, Ghosts Of Girlfriends Past is WAY underrated. Watched it the other day… definitely does not get enough love.

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