Dad Throws Fit When Daughter Is Rejected On American Idol: “I Don’t Know Any Luke Bryan Songs Anyway”

Don’t mess with Lieutenant Dan.

A new season of American Idol premiered last night, and while I’m not a big enough fan of shows like Idol or The Voice to actually watch them on TV, I do enjoy checking out the YouTube videos of the best (or worst) performances – like this one from Alex Miller, a Kentucky kid who’s clearly an old soul despite only being 17.

But this time it wasn’t a performer who caught my attention: It was her Navy-veteran, guitar-playing dad, who clearly isn’t a fan of Luke Bryan.

17-year old Danica Steakley brought along her pops, Dan, to accompany her on the guitar during her audition for Luke, Katy Perry and Lionel Richie.

But it turns out dad wasn’t just there to play guitar. The 73-year old retired lieutenant (who the judges jokingly referred to as “Lieutenant Dan”) looked like he was ready to throw down with the judges after they told Danica that they didn’t think she was ready for Hollywood after her performance of Hank Williams’ “I Can’t Help It (If I’m Still in Love With You).”

While Katy was ready to give Danica a shot, Luke and Lionel thought she needed just a little more time before she was ready for the big stage.

Danica handled the news well, telling the judges that she understood and thanking them for the advice.

“I mean, I’m disappointed but as a singer you have to take criticism well and I understand that.”

Lieutenant Dan, however, wasn’t having any of it.

Before Lionel barely even had time to get the word “no” out of his mouth, Lieutenant Dan was headed for the door, telling the judges, “You’ve got your thing to do and I’ve got mine.” And when a confused Ryan Seacreast tried to talk to the duo after the audition, Dan had a few more things to say as he was walking away:

“I don’t even know any Luke Bryan songs anyway, besides “Knockin’ Boots.” Next time I’ll have her audition for The Voice.


Luke took the jab in stride, issuing a warning to his counterpart on The Voice:

And he even had one last word of advice for Lieutenant Dan: “Ol’ Pops needs to go practice the guitar.”

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