17 Year Old Kentucky Kid Blows American Idol Judges Away, Sings Merle Haggard’s “Big City”


I’ve been pretty vocal over the years on how much I hate shows like The Voice or American Idol. At the end of the day, they just don’t have a great track record of producing much talent… I mean, how many singing competition country singers have seen longstanding success? A few? And artists as good as Carrie Underwood would’ve made it regardless.

However, every so often, you get a pretty cool moment.

In the sneak peek of the upcoming season, American Idol introduces us to Alex Miller, a 17 year old Kentucky fella that sounds like he’s straight out of the old time.

Performing an original was enough to make Luke Bryan want to send him straight to the Grand Ole Opry (maybe hold the phone there), but not before Luke picked up his guitar for a quick duet of Merle Haggard’s “Big City.”

We’ll see what happens on this upcoming season, unfortunately Alex here probably doesn’t have the kind of flashy star power you need to win the show, but hey, it’s another bright spot for the future of authentic country music.

The new season premieres Sunday, February 14th.

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Flashback to a couple seasons ago…

From the moment Colby Swift walked into that audition room, every judge knew he was something special.

Despite his shaky performance of Cody Jinks’ “Cast No Stones,” young Colby captured the hearts of the judges, especially Luke, who was reminded of his younger self.

With a heartbreaking past and resilient spirit, not to mention great taste in music, it was next to impossible not to root for this kid.

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