Casey Donahew’s 2011 Hit “Double Wide Dream” Is A Redneck Country Love Song At Its Finest

So I’ve been on a bit of a redneck country kick here lately.

We all know this era was HUGE in the ‘90s, with songs like “Queen Of My Double Wide Trailer” and Joe Diffie’s “Pickup Man,” but there’s one band that absolutely ran this part of the genre back in the mid 2000s and 2010s… and that’s the Casey Donahew Band.

The Burleson, Texas based group has been kings of the Texas country bar scene since 2002, playing all across the southwest, as well as several rodeos.

Casey Donahew is most notorious for his unique and humorous songwriting that he learned growing up in the Fort Worth stockyards and rodeo arenas. A prime example: the group’s 2011 song, “Double-Wide Dream.”

The song is about his “pretty little country girl,” and all the quirks about her that make him love her even more. Drivin’ a truck with swampers and rims and alpines pumping through kicker 10s, dipping’ snuff, rollin’ up, this girl is Casey’s “double-wide dream.”

The energy and killer chorus of this song will make even the most uptight people wish they were pounding beers and partying it up with Casey and the boys at a Texas trailer park (I can relate):

“And I love that pretty little country girl
She’s rockin’ this rednecks world
She’s the welcome mat to my home sweet home
She takes me as I am and loves me like she wants to
Twists my heart up just like a corkscrew
And makes me smile, as I make her scream
Just a couple of kids, livin’ the double-wide dream”

All Donahew has ever wanted to do is write songs that both him and his fan base can relate to, and the man does exactly that with “Double-Wide Dream,” along with several other songs the group released during this time period. On top of that, the guy is still doing it today.

If you’re looking for some rowdy, good ol’ boys redneck country music, this is the group for you.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock