Eric Church On Super Bowl National Anthem: “I’m Not Chris Stapleton, I Assumed They’re Never Gonna Ask”

Jazmine Sullivan, Eric Church are posing for a picture

To be honest, I can’t imagine really wanting to sing the National Anthem on national television.

If you crush it, you were pretty much expected to, and if you shit the bed, you’re all over Twitter. Same goes with halftime shows, pre-shows, etc… remember what happened to Kane Brown on Thanksgiving? When you got people begging for Creed to make a comeback, it’s BAD.

Eric Church already knows this, which is why he said that he would never do the national anthem… unless it was the Super Bowl. Although in Eric’s mind, that was never gonna happen.

And here’s what I said, I’ve said this forever… I will never ever sing the national anthem. It’s so hard. Except the Super Bowl. And I fully assumed, I mean, I’m not Chris Stapleton, I fully assumed they’re never going to ask me. So, when they asked, I thought ‘shit.'”

And after hearing Jazmine Sullivan (who he’ll be performing with), he couldn’t say no:

“My first response was no, I can’t… I’m a stylist, not a vocalist. But I heard it, I thought ‘that’s cool, that sounds like me.’ And then I heard her and I’m not missing a chance to sing with her. And that was it. Once I heard her voice I said ‘ok, I’m in.'”

Although, prior to the invitation, Eric admits that he had not listened to her music yet, but was floored when he finally did.

“No, I’ve not met her yet. Let me tell you something. She may be the best singer I have… I was floored. And you know what, the best thing about this, no matter what happens, because that’s a nervy thing that we got to do, but what a fan, I’m a fan. I’ve went in and listened to everything she did. And I had heard her name, but full disclosure, I had not listened.

And then Adam Blackstone is a guy who, a great producer, worked with The Roots, works with Justin Timberlake right now. He was the guy that set the track up and said, ‘hey, these are the two guys I want.’ And it was really credit to him. They come in and go, ‘I want this guy and I want this girl.'”

If Eric puts his name on it, you can trust that it’s gonna be good.

Now my only question… what do we gotta do to get him in the half time show? The Weeknd? C’mon man…

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