Get Ready For Game Day With Baker Mayfield Planting The Flag Against Ohio State

It’s another beautiful weekend of college football in this lovely Saturday. We’ve made it to Week 12, and the matchups are starting to get a more intense now with seasons and playoff aspirations on the line for a lot of these programs.

This week, start your day off by enjoying Indiana (9) and Ohio State (3) at noon on Fox for a battle of the unbeatens. In the later afternoon, you can get into Wisconsin vs Northwestern which should be a fun one or maybe Oklahoma State vs Oklahoma at 7:30 pm peaks your interest.

With Oklahoma in prime time let’s throw it back to Baker Mayfield planting the Oklahoma flag against OSU.

After a 31-16 upset win over Ohio State, which saw Baker Mayfield throw for 386 yards and 3 TD’s, Mayfield decided to plant the flag at midfield. At the time, Oklahoma fans loved it, but it rubbed a lot of people the wrong way.

He would later come out and apologize, but then on the Rich Eisen show he walked that back:

“There’s a lot of sensitive people in this world in this day and age. I’m going to offend a lot of people. It’s just the nature of the position I’m in. You’ve got to try and stay a little bit level-headed and enjoy the win, but at the same time, not tick too many people off. I wouldn’t take it back, but it was meant to be just for our team.” 

Whatever your take is on the planting of the flag is you have to give some credit to Baker.

It takes some balls of steel to pull something like that on the turf of Ohio State.

Of course, this is why guys like Terry Bradshaw can’t stand stand Baker Mayfield. In a recent interview with Colin Cowherd, Bradshaw went off on showboat quarterback, most notably Baker Mayfield.

“I don’t like Baker Mayfield. I never did like Baker Mayfield. I don’t like people like that. I’m a character guy. I’ve never met the man, he might be the most wonderful human being in the world. But his body language and the way he acts, it’s a turnoff for me.”

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