Kip Moore Shares Message Of Gratitude After “One And Only Full Band Show Of The Year”

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One of the absolute best in the business right here – no matter how you slice it or dice it.

Kip Moore cares deeply about his fans and all the folks that make playing live music possible. Since we started Whiskey Riff, we’ve had the pleasure of getting to know Kip well, had plenty of drinks, and have seen more shows than we can remember (even before the days of Whiskey Riff).

You can count on one hand the amount of artists who can put on a show like this dude.

We consider him a friend in a industry full of fakes, and always appreciate his no-bullshit approach to the music and that industry – we’ve even had him on the podcast twice.

This past weekend, Kip was able to do what he and the band do best – play live music. They played Lynchburg Music Fest, which had tons of measures in place to ensure attendees’ safety.

Other artists who played the event over the weekend were Riley Green, Justin Moore, Josh Turner, Danielle Bradbery, Lee Brice and more.

In an Instagram post, Kip shared a message of gratitude after a tumultuous year.

“One and only full band show of the year. With the situation at hand, you now look at a show through a different lens, and I don’t just mean being grateful to play.”

“That one show provided so many people with a job for the day. You look around at how many individuals are involved with one event. The day was filled with the most smiling stage hands, catering, security, concession workers I’ve ever seen. Gratitude is the main word I take away from yesterday. I’m well aware that there are real issues in our country and real discussions to be had, but I’m not sure how or when we developed this need to debate, divide, complain, or have something to be pissed off about 24/7, and I sure hope we change our hearts & mindsets before it’s all too far gone.”

“We look forward to playing for you guys next year. We appreciate all the Slowhearts for the incredible support through the last 9 years. Cheers to Lynchburg Music Fest!”

Well said.

Some acoustic therapy for ya.

Here’s to a better 2021.

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