Neighbor Turns Driveway Into “Racetrack” For Kids Caught On Security Camera

These are the kinds of stories I need to read right now.

2020 has been a heaping pile of shit smoldering in a dumpster fire pretty much all the way around. Everybody’s miserable, social media is a shithole, and there aren’t even any concerts for us to go to get away from it all for a few hours.

But sometimes a story comes across the timeline that makes me smile for just a minute and forget about what a cluster of a year it’s been.

The story comes to us courtesy of Dave from According to the video, Dave was getting motion alerts from his driveway security camera every evening. And since it’s 2020, he was probably checking the camera expecting to see a herd of lions invading his house, or an asteroid landing in his driveway. But it was actually just a kid taking advantage of the flat, wide open driveway to burn some rubber while he was out riding his bike with his mom.

Dave decides that “something needed to be done.”

Now, if this were like most viral videos we’ve seen this year, this is probably the part of the video where you’re expecting somebody to start screaming about wearing a mask, the police get called and all hell breaks loose. But this isn’t one of those videos.

Instead, Dave decided to draw a racetrack on the driveway to give the young biker a course to test his skills. And whenever it rained and washed away the chalk, he would build a new one, using up more of the driveway and putting in more obstacles and instructions. Sure enough, each time the kid rode by, he’d head up the driveway and make his way through the racetrack, sometimes throwing a thumbs up or a wave to the security camera. Word even spread throughout the neighborhood about the new racetrack, as we see the older kids coming through on their bikes to give it a spin – and even moms with strollers.

Dave said that he was inspired to build the racetrack by an idea from his wife, and he even admits in the video that he’s not sure who’s having more fun with it between himself or the kids. Kudos to Dave for being an awesome neighbor, and for putting a good story out there to break up all the hatred and negativity on social media – at least for a minute.

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