Eric Church To Release New Song “Crazyland” Tomorrow

First Stapleton, now this? Man, it’s been a good week.

Eric Church is gearing up to release the third song from his upcoming album, of which the details have yet to be divulged. We know he’s got a shit load of new material, we know he holed up in the North Carolina mountains and recorded a whole mess of new songs, and we know that it’s coming soon.

So far, we’ve heard “Stick That In Your Country Song,” the face-melting lead single that, in Eric’s words “kicks like a fucking mule,” and “Bad Mother Trucker,” another rockin’ ode to all the badass ladies out there.

That’s a lot of gas to kick off a project so naturally Eric was looking to dial it back on this next one titled “Crazyland.”

Much slower than the high-energy tracks we’ve heard so far, “Crazyland” paints the picture of a bar full of unique, down-on-their-luck characters, all dealing with their own problems. The story is centered around somebody new to the bar, as he is introduced to the others by a character that goes by Mad Hatter. If you’ve ever stumbled into a shit hole dive bar at the 10 in the morning, you know the kind of place we’re talking about here.

And as the story goes, this one came to Eric in a dream:

Since you said goodbye,
It’s been crazy man
Lunatics, liars and also-rans
Waiting on her leaving to come back again
Here in Crazyland
Talking to yourself is the only plan,
Giving up on your last give a damn
Here in Crazyland.”

And while our friends Down Under are already enjoying this one, it’s set for release here in the States at midnight.

And trust me, it’s a good one.

In fact, it might be my favorite one yet…


A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock