Florida Woman Goes OFF In Racist Nail Salon Rant, Actually Quotes Bhad Bhabie’s “Catch Me Outside, How ‘Bout That”

Just when you thought you’ve seen everything, when the “Karens” of the world could no longer surprise you, when you’ve seen the absolute worst that society has to offer, someone shows up and actually starts quoting Bhad Bhabie.

“Catch me outside, how bout dat.”

And of course… Florida.

Pompano Beach-area, “independent recording artist” Corina Monica was recently filmed going OFF in a racist tirade against a nail tech after she was asked to leave the salon. We’re not exactly sure how the confrontation started, however the tech, who was born in the United States by the way, says that she can get her nails finished at a different salon.

That’s when the “where you from?” comments came in.

‘”You come to this country, work here, don’t do what’s right for our citizens? You make money, you live in my country, you gonna tell me you can’t do my nails bitch?… go back to you fucking country.”

When she was asked to leave, she dropped the infamous Bhad Bhabie line that made the whole salon, including the woman she was screaming at, erupt in laughter.

“Catch me outside, how bout dat.”

Priceless. Absolutely priceless.

And then on top of it, she drops the “I’m an independent artist, recording artist, and I’m gonna fucking blow up” line. If there’s one thing you should definitely not do in the middle of a racist, assuredly viral, temper tantrum, it’s tell everybody your name and to “look it up.”


People did in fact look it up, and now, all of her social media accounts have been deleted. So much for blowing up…

Just for fun, here’s Corina Monica’s music video for her smash single (NOT) “Your Loves Driving Me Crazy.”

Not only is racist and an overall terrible human being, she is incredibly, widely, shockingly awful at singing.

And for old time’s sake, let’s revisit Danielle Bregoli, AKA Bhad Bhabie’s, internet debut.

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