“I Hope You All Die” – Woman Berates Maskless Mother & Children In Georgia Walmart

My God, what is the world coming to these days…

A Georgia woman was recently recorded telling a mother and her children “I hope you all die” after berating the mom for not making the children wear masks.

According to CBS46, mother of three, Desiree Alis Vansickle, was shopping at a Gainesville-area Walmart when the older woman started yelling at her.

“She was attacking the people that were coming in without masks and everybody was just kind of ignoring her and walking on and going on about their business, but I just didn’t feel that it was right that she was wishing death upon people for not wearing a mask.”

A Walmart employee stands at the door, however at this particular location, they did not require masks for entry. The mother said that she didn’t plan on coming to the store so she didn’t have her mask with her, and children under 10 are not required to wear one in the Atlanta area. But that didn’t stop the woman from screaming:

“I hope you all die because you’re gonna kill me and my husband.”

No doubt about it, this pandemic has brought out the absolute worst in people.

Should she be wearing a mask? Yeah, probably. But that doesn’t give you the right to wish death on her.

How about this Karen… if that Walmart doesn’t require you to wear masks and you’re going to be an absolute lunatic about it, especially in front of little kids, maybe don’t go to that Walmart then. And then walking up to her? Doesn’t that put you in more danger, than just ignoring her and keeping your distance? One would think so…

Oh, and how about the shitty cart with the stuck wheel at the beginning of the video? That’s how you know you’re in Walmart. Can’t get a good cart to save your life…

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