Margo Price Calls For Anita White, “The Real Lady A,” To Play The Grand Ole Opry During Last Night’s Performance

Fresh off the release of her brand new album, That’s How Rumors Get Started, Margo Price stepped into that iconic circle to perform a few song at the Grand Ole Opry last night.

She performed “Prisoner Of The Highway,” from that killer new record, a cover of “Skip A Rope” by Henson Cargill, and she finished her set with another new one from That’s How Rumors Get Started.

Titled “I’d Die For You,” she prefaced the performance by commending the Opry for their commitment to the fight against racism and challenged them to invite Anita White, who she called “the real Lady A,” to perform at the Grand Ole Opry.

“I would just like to commend the Opry for coming out and saying Black lives matter, I think it’s so important in this time, and I hope that we can continue to go one step further in so many of these Nashville institutions and support the voices of our black brothers and sisters when they need it most. Lady Antebellum has had a platform here and I think it would be really wonderful if you invited Anita White, the real Lady A, here to come and sing. Country music owes such a great deal of what we have to black artists and black music and there is just no place for racism, and sexism in this music. Thank you and here’s a song called ‘I’d Die For You.'”

As you may know, Lady Antebellum (who recently changed their name to Lady A in support of Black Lives Matter), recently filed a lawsuit against Anita White, a black artist who has gone by “Lady A” for more than twenty years. The two parties allegedly discussed the possibility of sharing the name, however Anita counter-offered seeking a price $10 million dollars. Lady Antebellum (who has a trademark for “Lady A”) declined and filed a lawsuit seeking a declaratory judgement affirming their right to use the name.

But more on that later…

Margo also shared the stage with Jimmie Allen and the Gatlin Brothers. Her set begins around the 1-hour mark.

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