Texas Bar Owners Dump Perfectly Good Keg Beer Into The Streets…. In Protest?

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According to KTSM, a group of Texas bar owners and some local supporters took to the streets of El Paso this past 4th of July to protest the recent closure of bars across the state. After the a spike in Coronavirus cases, Governor Abbott recently closed bars for the second time this year.

So rather than drinking this cold keg of delicious beer, these folks took to the streets with a sledgehammer and dumped it down the drain. One of the bar owners even likened it to the Boston Tea Party.

“Tax-free beer running down the street, just like in the old days when they did the tea party when they threw tax-free tea into the harbor,” said Frank Ricci Jr., the owner of Rockin’ Cigar Bar

I’ll say it again, huh?

Look, I love bars as much as the next guy, and I can’t wait for them all to open back up, but how is dumping a keg down the drain a worthwhile effort here? I mean hell, I’d take it. Just about anybody I know would take it. And I imagine that the bar owner paid for that keg… so not exactly the same as dumping the British East India Company’s tea in the Boston Harbor. Who knows…

Although, at the end of the day, the “protest” appeared to look more like a block party, than it did a protest.  Folks gathered around and drank beer that they brought from home, and they even passed around a tip jar to raise money for the local bars.

“This is what may seem like a block party. I mean, it’s actually just a regular protest with a little bit of style into it,” said another protester.

RIP beer.

If I remember correctly, a man named Justin Moore called it alcohol abuse if “you pour one down the sink.”

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock