Remember When Eric Church and Ashley McBryde Performed “The Snake” Together?

Rich Fury/Getty Images

I love these two together.

Eric originally introduced me to Ashley McBryde when he brought her out her in Chicago for a performance of “Bible and a .44” and I absolutely loved that performance. But I especially loved this performance of “The Snake” on ACM Awards last year… one that felt a little too real given the political anger that’s ravaging our country right now.

And today, heading into an election this November, in one of the most divisive political climates I’ve ever seen, I can’t help but think about this performance. Issues like racial injustice become incredibly politically charged when they don’t need to be, issues like COVID-19 and public health become incredibly politically charged when they don’t need to be… and meanwhile, the whole world’s burning down.

And straight from Eric himself, that’s pretty much what “The Snake” is all about:

“‘The Snake’ is really a song that was written about this political discourse battle Armageddon that I think everybody gets involved in… and full disclosure by nature I’m just not a very political person, I think it’s something that’s silly because I kind of get what’s going on, and I feel like in order to be a career politician you have to keep your base riled up. The best way to rile up your base is to attack the other side and the other side does the same thing. So you have these two sides that are attacking each other vehemently and they’re doing that just so they can stay in office, not for any legitimate reason… I feel like that’s all they do all day and in the meantime, the whole world is burning down.”

Eric has been goin’ solo for the past few years now, but I wouldn’t be mad at a tour with Ashley on the bill when things get back to normal next year.

And that’s something we can all probably agree on.

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