Luke Combs’ Unreleased “Without You” Takes On New Meaning During Quarantine

It’s kind of funny how songs begin to take on new life when times change.

Take Luke Combs unreleased “Without You” for example. It was originally written as a thank you letter to all the people that helped Luke along the way. His family, his soon-to-be wife Nicole, and of course the fans… all the people that have shaped and molded Luke into the blessed man that he is today.

“I’m just very thankful for what I get to do every night… I’ve always been someone who I feel like has been pretty aware of how blessed I’ve been in the last few years and I feel like there are so many people that I have to thank for that so I always try to write songs for those people… I wanted to thank my parents and my fiancee and last but certainly not least, I wanted to thank you guys because I wanted ya’ll to know that it doesn’t matter how many trophies sit in the house or how many number one songs I have, if nobody buys a ticket and comes in here tonight, then all of us stage don’t get to do what we love to do… this is a new one, it’s called ‘Without You.'”

However in light of this current situation, when you can’t get up on stage and do the thing you love every day, the phrase “Without You” hits just a little differently.

“Me don’t mean a thing without you.”

Without the shows, without the music, without being able to go out and celebrate with the people we love, or hell, even see most of the people we love, life in general seems pretty meaningless lately. I bet a lot of us feel like we’re just wandering around without much sense of purpose.

If nothing else, it should make you appreciate all the things that brought meaning to your life before this all happened. And hopefully when the dust settles, we don’t take it all for granted like we used to.

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A beer bottle on a dock