Watch Johnny Cash Get Outfished By June Carter Deep Sea Fishing Off The Coast Of Costa Rica

Johnny Cash catching a fish country music

The Man in Black in the great outdoors.

Two things that just go hand in hand perfectly are country music and the outdoors, and often, some of our favorite country music artists are huge outdoor advocates. From Koe Wetzel taking down a trophy mountain lion on a dream hunt to Hank Williams Jr. recalling Alaskan bears that tried to claw their way into their cabin, it’s just part of the lifestyle.

Although today, we’re going to dive into the vault and take a look at one of  Johnny Cash’s favorite pastimes…fishing.

He said it best on “Five Feet High and Rising.”

“How high’s the water, Mama?Two feet high and risin.'”

When Johnny Cash and fishing are mentioned in the same sentence, most folks’ minds go straight to the image of Johnny Cash in his thigh-high fishing waders. I mean, how could your mind not go there? He could get any woman he wanted in those.

While there is some comedy in this image, Cash was an avid fisherman and outdoorsman when he was not in the studio or on tour. And that brings us to this gem of Man in Black footage.

Filmed for TNN’s Country Sportsman, Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash booked a fishing charter off the coast of Costa Rica it appears, and this content is just pure gold. Taken in the middle of the ocean, Cash and his fishing guide are shooting breeze while he tries to reel in a sailfish. With the two chatting about how big these beautiful fish can get, the only thing that would make this clip better is if they were crushing a few cold ones.

Unfortunately for Cash, the sailfish broke off before they could get it in the boat, but regardless, we get to see Cash in a little less serious light, and I genuinely think that it is one of the few times that Cash is captured on camera without long sleeves on (and in colorful clothing).

After the men return to the dock, the footage then shows June Carter Cash coming to the boat with a haul of mahi mahi and tuna from her boat. She then starts asking Cash where his catch of the day is, leading to a hilarious conversation.

“Where’s your fish, John?”

“Well, it was too big to get in the boat. It was legally caught, ask the captain.”

He tells June that they have to catch and release his fish. Cash then jokes that while her fishing haul looked good, she was still ending the day in second place compared to what he caught. While there is no proof of what he actually brought up to the boat, June pushes back a little knowing that she had caught dinner that night.

Johnny says:

“We’re gonna hear about mahi mahi and tuna for the rest of the night.”

It also sounds like they had a friendly wager on the line too, and unfortunately for ol’ John, he lost.

As the weather gets warmer, and prime fishing season is around the corner fire up this classic track to channel your inner Johnny Cash.

“Don’t Go Near The Water”

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock