11-Year-Old Reporter Jeremiah Fennell Stole The Show At Super Bowl Opening Night

Patrick Mahomes
NFL Network

Super Bowl Opening Night is open season for the media to get all up in the business of coaches and players before they officially hit the field for the biggest game of their lives. You’d think a city like Las Vegas would naturally make the event even more entertaining than usual. That certainly proved to be the case when San Francisco 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan was getting interviewed.

Let’s celebrate Jeremiah Fennell, though. Since he’s only 11 years old, he could’ve prepared the most basic, straightforward questions ever and I’d still have applauded him for having the mere audacity and courage to take a microphone for NFL Network and just do his thing. Pretty sure I was doing my best not to stammer through the school assembly sports report at the same age. Zero chance I could’ve gone on TV, on the biggest stage in sports, held my own, and prepared thoughtful, sophisticated questions to boot!

From going back and forth with Patrick Mahomes for an all-time fantasy football draft, to gleaning insight from Travis Kelce, to chilling with George Kittle and Fred Warner, there’s nothing young Jeremiah can’t do.


Then, even when Jeremiah has a learning moment and makes the rest of us who work in sports feel like we’re way behind the curve, he’s already garnered so much respect from a legend like Andy Reid that he’s able to continue his interview without missing a beat.

You gotta love, too, how Jeremiah wasn’t afraid to tell Reid, right to his face, that he’s a massive fan of Kansas City’s AFC West rival, the Las Vegas Raiders.

Is Jeremiah living the dream or what? You could say, “Wow, how many 11-year-olds would kill for an opportunity like this!?” To which I would reply, I doubt any of them could run with it like Jeremiah does. I’m blown away by the kid. He’s been around for a while doing this sort of thing, but he never ceases to impress. I mean, Jeremiah is asking better questions than some adult reporters do.

Here’s a little more context about Jeremiah’s background.

If Jeremiah is already this good at age 11, what’s he going to be like even five years from now? How about 10? A decade from now, he’s going to be a sports media monolithic force of nature who could either be running the show at ESPN, roaming the sidelines as a prime-time reporter, or already becoming the new Adam Schefter. Sky’s the limit on Jeremiah’s current trajectory.

Here’s a great local feature about Jeremiah from last year, right around Super Bowl time.

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