Dolly Parton Hopes To Hold A Casting Contest To Find The Perfect Dolly Look-A-Like For Her Upcoming Musical

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Dolly goes to a new kind of stage.

Dolly Parton is undoubtedly THE face of country music. Her illustrious career and charitable acts have made her one of the most cherished country music artists. With no signs of slowing down, Dolly still has big plans for what will come in the upcoming years, including taking her life story to Broadway.

Parton has spoken about how she’d love to have her own Broadway musical in 2016 in an interview with Variety Magazine, and she touched on the project again during a recent People Magazine interview.

“Right now, I’m working on my life story as a musical, and so going on Broadway and opening my show on Broadway, that’s been a biggie in my mind for many, many years. That’d be the one that I want to make certain I get done while I’m still kicking, while I’m around to stay involved in it.”

During a USA Today interview at the end of 2023, she revealed that she hopes she can get her story to the stage by late 2025. While Parton notes that she is almost done, casting a crew that can tell the genuine story of Parton but also carries her looks and southern charm is a whole other job in itself. But Parton isn’t worried about it. She hopes to hold a “Finding Dolly” style competition to find a Dolly for every phase of her life.

“We’re going to be auditioning and trying to find them through different means. I think that’ll be fun for people, too. You never know where you’re going to find them. They may never have been on stage before, or maybe in some local theater somewhere, but we’re going to look for them, and that’s going to be part of the fun, I think.”

Given the time that Parton has shared she has put into working on her life story through song, only the best actors will suffice for the role. I love that Parton is focused on finding someone who will resonate with the story versus casting the laundry list (I am sure) of established actors who might be clawing for the role. As Parton will be telling her story through what seems like three acts, she will need to cast a Dolly for each season of growing up.

“The whole first act is my early days before I went to Nashville. The second act is about my days in Nashville and beyond. So the first part of the musical will be a lot like ‘Coat of Many Colors’ with music and songs and will involve more details.”

I’m no theater snob, but given the amount of time Parton has spent on the story, I am sure this will be Broadway excellence.

“We’re hoping to have it onstage in 2025. I’ve been working on it forever. It’s not a jukebox musical, it’s a true story. It’s a big production and a lot of original songs.

Of course, it will have the hit songs and the stories leading up to those things. I had at one time planned to do a biopic but then everybody was doing one so I thought nah, I’m going Broadway. So I’m hoping we make it.”

I hope we get more updates from Parton on her search to cast the perfect Dollys. With Parton’s signature look and sweet-as-pie personality being a huge reason she has captured so many hearts, someone will have to walk the walk and talk the talk.

May the best Dolly win.

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