Yellowstone Fans Sound Off On Their Least Favorite Characters From The Show

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I’ll be the first to admit that this wait for the second half of Yellowstone season five has been brutal.

Earlier last year, we were hit with the shocking news that Yellowstone would be coming to an end after the release of the second half of season five, and to make matters worse, they announced that the conclusion wouldn’t air until November of 2024.

This all stemmed from the reported Kevin Costner and Taylor Sheridan drama, after the two allegedly had a conflict in film scheduling for the show, as Costner wanted to put more focus on his upcoming western series, Horizon. On top of that, there was the ongoing writers strike in Hollywood, which pushed back production for the show even further.

So, as we continue to wait, I’ve been looking for things to fill my Yellowstone void, which is ultimately how I came across this intriguing post on the Yellowstone Subreddit:

“Who is your least favorite character?”

The responses to this post were intriguing, and overall, there seems to be a pretty solid consensus that either Beth or Monica are the worst character, with a few one-offs in between. There are also a few mentions of Travis, who is side character played by creator Taylor Sheridan. With the reports that Taylor has quite the ego on him, and is responsible for driving off Kevin Costner and tanking the show, some fans chose him out of spite.

Here’s a look at some of the responses:

Summer is a dolt, but at least she’s not an emotional cripple. Still voting Monica.

“Beth. Can’t stand her. Only redeeming moments are when she is with Rip. I imagine the ranch porch looks like a mall entrance ashtray.”

“From a writing standpoint, Monica. She’s such a drag. From a pure spite standpoint? Travis lol”

“Walker and Laramie can both f*ck off together for all I care”

“Monica and all the bunkhouse girls except for Teeter”

“Beth, by 10,000 miles.”


“Stupid Summer.”

“Beth is a capital B.”

“Monica! Monica! Monica!”

“Travis. Taylor Sheridan really tried writing himself in as this badass cowboy, who in actuality is a needlessly mean douchebag.”

“Monica and Summer.”

“Summer. The show went downhill for me after her.”

“Casey. Completely undeveloped character.”

“It was Beth. Now it’s Monica and Beth.”

“That wimp Jamie.”

“Monica is the worst. I actually like Beth lol”

“I hate Monica and Travis equally.”

“Monica is a more useless character, but Beth is just loathesome and she’s pretty much the whole show because Sheridan is in love with the character.”

“Travis. Taylor Sheridan really tried writing himself in as this bada** cowboy, who in actuality is a needlessly mean douchebag. Yes Travis, I actually would prefer riding in the horse stall than in the cabin with your Road House loving a**”

This got me thinking. For me personally, I have to go with Beth Dutton. Although I was a fan of Beth’s bada** persona the first couple of seasons, she’s almost become insufferable to me, particularly when it comes to her relationship with Jamie. Sure, he made a mistake when they were both young, taking her to an abortion clinic that made Beth unable to have children, but the hate just seems dragged out and excessive at this point.

Sure, Monica is a snoozefest and Travis is a bit of a jerk, but neither have the screentime that Beth does.

What say you?

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