Florida Alligator Chows Down On Invasive Burmese Python In The Everglades

alligator burmese python everglades

You just have to love when the good guys win.

Not that there’s really any good or bad when it comes to wild animals, but when the battle is between a native species that has lived in a place for millions of years and one that was introduced a few decades ago that’s done nothing but destroy populations of local animals, it’s pretty clear which one we should be rooting for.

This exact battle is being waged daily in the swamps of South Florida, where alligators are facing off with pythons over the remaining prey that lives in and around the Everglades, and it seems that the hometown animals are really starting to fight back.

An amateur wildlife photographer named Alison Joslyn captured a crazy scene that unfolded in front of her eyes on the Shark Valley Trail in Everglades National Park which showed a large alligator starting to chow down on a python.

At first, it looked like both animals were dead but she saw the gator open its eyes and start to move around and it became clear that it was just exhausted from the fight. Pythons have been known to take out alligators, especially smaller ones, so it’s no small feat for this gator to come out on top in this battle.

“What a thrill to come across an alligator eating a large invasive Burmese Python in Shark Valley as I was out riding my bike. As an amateur wildlife photographer, I knew immediately I was seeing something very special. Phew! Score one for the home team!”

I love this.

People are (rightfully) afraid of alligators, but really they’re nothing to worry about so long as you be smart around bodies of water. They are an integral part of Florida’s ecosystem and culture and should be respected and rooted for. Pythons are cool no doubt, but something needs to be done to stop the destruction they are causing to the Sunshine State, and hopefully alligators realize they are top dogs in the swamps and start slurping down some swamp spaghetti.

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