Zach Bryan Had Australian Crowd Fired Up With “Shoey,” And He Also Sent Them Live Recordings Of Four Songs From The Show

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Zach Bryan fully embraced the Australian culture while on tour Down Under.

During his time at a concert in Melbourne as part of his Quittin’ Time Tour, Zach performed at Flemington Racecourse last week, a fan handed him a shoe, prompting him to do a “shoey.”

And if you’ve never heard of that before, it’s an Australian thing where people pour beer, or whatever it is they’re drinking, into a show and then drink out of that.

Zach happily obliged for the crowd, looking like a pro and getting everyone pretty fired up in the process: Zach Bryan Shoey Melbourne 2023 #zachbryan #melbourne #shoey #flemingtonracecourse #fyp #concert ♬ original sound – Dmarks

And it seems as though Zach enjoyed his time there so much, that he sent fans who attended the show four live recordings of “Boys of Faith,” “Dawns,” “Hey Driver” and “Revival” for free, which is pretty cool and a neat way to show his appreciation for his fans on the other side of the world:

Another cool part of this concert came when Zach brought a surprise guest to join him onstage, as he performed “Boys of Faith” live for the first time.

Irish singer and songwriter Dermot Kennedy joined him for the title track to his latest EP, much to the light of the Aussie crowd.

@ashbeacs Boys of Faith for the first time ever played live 😭 #zachbryan #melbourne #zachbryanmelbourne #onenightonly #zachbryanconcert #zachbryanlive #dermotkennedy #dermotkennedyconcert @Dermot Kennedy ♬ original sound – Ash Beacom

And he also filled in for The War & Treaty on the standout duet “Hey Driver.”

@thatsjadegibson literally dream collab @Dermot Kennedy #zachbryan ♬ original sound – Jade Gibson

Kennedy, who is known for his own hits like “Outnumbered,” “Giants,” and “Power Over Me,” is in Australia for his own tour, but met up with Zach Bryan while they were both in the country together.

And of course he also had to come back for “Revival,” along with F1 driver Daniel Ricciardo, to close out the epic show.

@ricc3_smile Daniel on stage woth Dermot Kennedy and Zach Bryan tonight. #F1 #DanielRicciardo #fypシ #fyp #zachBryan #dermotkennedy ♬ original sound – Nikki

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock