Zac Taylor Asks Bengals Fans To Drink More Before The Game Because They’re Not Loud Enough: “Help Our Guys”

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Going to any sporting event, in theory, is a great time. Even if your team sucks, you’re able to get absolutely slammed on some beers, mingle with your fellow fans and share in the misery. The old saying about there being a “baseball game at the beer garden,” referring to Chicago’s Wrigley Field, is pretty true. Even during the Cubs’ most disgraceful seasons, pounding a few Old Styles in the bleachers is a blast.

The 2023 season has been an up and down one for the Cincinnati Bengals. They currently sit at 7-6 on the season, and basically have to win out if they want to make the playoffs after making it to the AFC Championship just last season.

Things were looking especially bleak when starting quarterback Joe Burrow went down with injury in week 10, forcing backup QB Jake Browning into the starting role. But, Browning is proving that he has the ability to take the team to the playoffs, as he’s played some excellent football over the past two weeks.

So, with so much on the line as we enter the final few weeks of the NFL regular season, Cincinnati head coach Zac Taylor has one message in particular for Bengals fans going into their game against the Minnesota Vikings on Saturday…

Drink more beer.

During a press conference this week, Taylor told fans:

“Drink one more drink, rush into the stadium, and be as loud as you can humanly, possibly be when Minnesota’s offense is out there and help our guys. That’s a critical element that we get this home field advantage.”

I’m not a Bengals fan by any means, but when a head coach basically implies for his fans to get absolutely ripped on some beers before a game, he’s an immediate fan of mine. But the comical part is he’s basically calling out the fanbase for being too lame in the stadium.

“We’re not playing on the road this week, if we were playing in Minnesota it would be a problem.”

Translation: Be more like rowdy Vikings fans… drink more if you have to.

Check it out:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock