Dolly Parton Hilariously Discusses Her Love Of Fast Food: “I Live For Drive-Through Restaurants”

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A girl after my own heart.

Back in 1998, Dolly Parton appeared for a segment on the The Rosie O’Donnell Show to discuss her Dollywood resort, and they got to talking about how Dolly and her husband spend January and February on the West Coast every year.

Where Dolly’s from in the Great Smoky Mountains of East Tennessee, that’s definitely the worst part of the year in terms of cold weather, so they escaped to sunny Southern California for some better weather.

Rosie recalled that she had been at a McDonald’s drive-through, and the people working there were shocked to see her, as the employees said that Dolly had also been by earlier that week.

Of course, that led her to ask Dolly if she was a big drive-through girl, to which Dolly joked that yes, she does, because “all the hogs do”:

“Well, yes! I live for drive-through restaurants, don’t you love it? All the hogs do, I love fast food.

And my husband and I, we always just go out and we have a little camper, or we took our little Explorer driving around there in L.A., and people see you, and they go, ‘Oh my god, it’s Dolly Parton!’

Of course you order all this stuff before they recognize you.”

She continued, adding that the worst part is when you’re so distracted doing all of that, you miss the chance to check your bag and realize they left out some of the food:

“And then you’re busy doing your autographs, signing on the napkins and all…

And then a true hog will look in their bag as soon as they get through, and it’s like ‘They forgot my french fries! I can’t believe they didn’t put my hotdog in!’

And then you go back around… well sometimes I do, it depends on how much stuff they forget.”

She’s just like us…

In all seriousness, Dolly has always been open about her love of food and how it has, at times, caused her to struggle with her weight, though I think she always looked absolutely stunning no matter what age or weight she’s at.

And I know Dolly is a very down-to-earth, relatively normal person considering all of the wild success she’s had in her career over the decades, but it’s pretty funny to think about her rolling up to the local McDonald’s to order some chicken nuggets.

The whole interview is actually pretty funny, and is another reminder why Dolly is the queen of everything, who we must continue protect at all costs:

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