The Phoenix Suns’ DJ Sampled Steve Kerr’s Complaint About Thumping Techno Club Music & It’s A Straight-Up Banger

Phoenix Suns DJ

Tell me you don’t have this on at least a 20-time loop upon first listening to it and I’ll call you an outright liar. We’ve probably never met. I don’t care. The beat is unstoppable. The seamlessly mixed audio locked into the rhythm. Feel that bass-bass-bass-bass-bass-bass. It’s inevitable. You know you want it.

Drink in Phoenix Suns GM and current Warriors coach Steve Kerr complaining about Footprint Center’s music playing during games, as this DJ’s spin on Benny Benassi’s techno masterpiece “Satisfaction” gets a phenomenal new twist.

How awesome is that? Seriously. The outcome of Friday’s game, a 114-106 loss to the Kings, was of no consequence to Phoenix. Well, maybe the fans in attendance and the players who participated were disappointed, but the Suns were without Bradley Beal and Kevin Durant.

Without LeBron James’ GOAT-ness carrying the inaugural NBA In-Season Tournament, the start of this regular season would have just about zero buzz. Anecdotally, the Oklahoma City Thunder are really exciting. Luka Doncic is dropping F-bombs left and right. I guess there’s some fun to be had around the Association. It all just like, obviously, pales in comparison to football at the minute.

While I always welcome stunts like what this DJ pulled to keep the absolute grinding slog of an 82-game regular season, I kinda wish the DJ had saved it for a future matchup with Golden State. Get Kerr back in the building. Pray for a playoff matchup.

Then drop the needle so to speak and totally get into his head. Alas, I’m still nevertheless impressed with how well-executed this mashup was. Shout out to the DJ whose name I don’t know and whose music I’ll never listen to otherwise.

I feel like I invoke Shooter McGavin more than any other fictitious pop culture figure in this writing space, but I can’t help but think of him when I reach for an analogy to Kerr’s complaint.

It’s like when Shooter was angry at the raucous crowds spurred on by Happy Gilmore, leading Shooter to explode and exclaim, “DAMN YOU PEOPLE, THIS IS GOLF — NOT A ROCK CONCERT!!”

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