Former Teacher Reveals She’s Made Nearly $1 Million In Six Months After Quitting To Do OnlyFans

Brianna Coppage
Brianna Coppage

Man, I’m in the wrong profession…

Just kidding, of course. I don’t think I would be raking it in like this if I decided to join OnlyFans. But one former teacher is pretty happy about getting out of the classroom after she realized just how much horny men will pay to see you naked online.

Brianna Coppage, a former English teacher at St. Clair High School in Missouri, was put on leave back in September after school administrators discovered her OnlyFans account, which she had started to supplement her income as an underpaid teacher.

The account was reportedly discovered by a group of parents, not students, but once it became public, Coppage eventually resigned after five years in the classroom and decided to make her side hustle a full-time career. And it’s definitely paid off.

In an interview with Fox News Digital, Coppage reveals that she’s made over $1 MILLION in just over six months as a content creator on the adult site.

The former teacher says that her OnlyFans account had nothing to do with her career as a teacher, and was something that she focused on solely in her personal time, but that she had hoped to use the extra income to help pay for her education:

“I started it, one, to supplement my income, see what happens, and possibly make extra money. I have student loans. I was working on my third degree. I have a master’s degree in education and was also working on my special-ed degree.

Teachers typically get further education because it moves us up on the salary schedule, so we can make more money if we have an advanced degree. So that was one of the motivations there. I’m going to accrue more student loan debt if I’m trying to get further education for my job. It was definitely not completely financially motivated, but it was a big factor.”

But Coppage says she has no regrets over her decision – and with a cool million in her pocket, I’d say that’s an understatement:

“I’ve been able to pay off all my student loans, any car loans, any credit card debt. I have no debt now, and that’s really freeing. Being a teacher, I know I never would have been able to fully pay all of that off.”

To put it into perspective, the teacher would have had to work in the district she was teaching in for 24 years to make as much as she’s made from OnlyFans in 6 months.

She did, however, express her frustration with adults who put her on blast in front of her students:

“I’m not advertising it to students, but adults in the community continue to do so. I just don’t think that’s OK. Students were never meant to see this. I know people are saying, ‘You taught high school. They were bound to find it at some point.’ Maybe. I was faceless. I did not use my real name.”

Coppage reportedly has tens of thousands of subscribers to her page, so it’s probably safe to say she’s not losing too much sleep over the decision to leave her former career behind.

Oh, and it seems like some of the other teachers may be wanting to get in on the kind of money that Coppage is raking in: A second teacher from the school has also been busted for having an OnlyFans.

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