People With A Death Wish Stop & Let Polar Bear Push Their Jeep

Polar Bear pushes car

I certainly don’t want one of the most dangerous animals in the world staring in my window. Polar Bears can weigh up to 1,500 pounds, and are stone cold killing machines.

They not only survive, but thrive in some of the harshest environments on Earth. And they do it by killing nearly everything they come across… in habitat that offers little food compared to the lush forests you find further south.

Polar bears blend in with their surroundings and will often times use their paws to cover up their black nose as they sneak closer to their prey. They have the strongest bite out of all bears in the world and can go with the best of them. Beyond them being bigger, stronger and biting harder, what makes them dangerous is the fact that they are also less fearful of people than other bears, meaning they will approach people.

These folks were brave when they came across a roadside bear. It approaches a Jeep and the people just stop the vehicle to admire the bear. The polar bear stands up and starts to push on the vehicle, shaking the whole thing with ease.

It then peers in straight at them through the window, deciding if it wants to further pursue what is inside. That is WAY too close for comfort.

These folks must be regulars or stupid, either way that was a dangerous situation to put yourself and your passengers in. Not to mention, it’s not great for these polars bears to get more comfortable with human interaction.

Be better, people.

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