Hunter Uses A Shovel To Push Stranded Moose Off Icy Patch

Moose gets pushed off icy road
Northwoods Whitetails

That’s an unfortunate situation to be in, but a crazy thing to come across out there in the wild.

Moose are massive animals, the second largest land mammals in North America to be exact. They are the largest member of the deer family in the world and can reach weights over 1,500 pounds in some cases.

Moose survive in the harshest of conditions in deep woods and tons of snow. These creatures are built to handle most situations, standing over 6 feet at the shoulder. Winters are not to much trouble as they can wade snow, deep water and reach vegetation easier than many other animals.

But being that large must come with some complications too.

This hunter came across a cow moose who had fallen on a large ice patch and was unable to get enough traction to get up or off of it. The man gets out and uses a shovel to push her towards the of the road, keeping some distance, and gives the moose the encouragement she needs to get there.

After a few pushes the moose gets to the edge but spins out and falls back down. The hunter doesn’t give up and lets the moose know she’s okay while he takes a break. With her close to the road edge the man continues pushing her towards it.

The moose finally gets up onto its feet off of the ice and gets away to safety.

“Come one. Come on. Come on. There you go. Good girl. Such A good girl… Yes! Good girl, now stay off the ice.”

Of course, had he not helped this poor girl out, she more than likely would’ve been on the menu for a pack of wolves or other predators in the area:

“We appreciate the support on the latest video, for all of those that didn’t see the ending here it is. Eric Adams is the definition of a true sportsman, I think it shows how much compassion hunters have for animals.

What you can’t see in this video is the amount of predator tracks that surrounded this poor cow from the previous night. We have all seen moose suffer to very unexplainable deaths, but because of Eric this moose lived another day.”

It’s always great to see hunters helping out the creatures they love.

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