Vanderbilt Football Gets Flamed For Celebrating 15th Anniversary Of Music City Bowl Win

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If you know anything about college football, then you probably know that Vanderbilt is…well, not known for their football program.

In fact, they’re pretty awful. The Commodores are typically the worst team in the SEC year in and year out, and winning six games has become an immaculate feat.

Vanderbilt has only had three winning seasons in the past 20 years, and if you take away the stint in 2013 and 2014 when they got lucky and had now Penn State head coach James Franklin and went 9-4 both seasons, the record could be even worse.

So, I guess I can sympathize for Vandy fans for getting stoked to win six games and make it to a bowl game, because it’s a rarity.

However, I will NEVER understand celebrating a team that went 7-6 and beat Boston College in the Music City Bowl, as if they were celebrating a National Championship.

Nevertheless, Vanderbilt is celebrating just that, and it just might be the saddest thing I’ve ever seen.

The Vanderbilt football social media accounts are asking fans to come out and support the 15th anniversary of the Commodores’ Music City Bowl win back in 2008, after going a boring 7-6.

I mean c’mon, I get that you aren’t a football school, and that win was the team’s first bowl win since 1955, but this just screams “I accept mediocrity.”

Oh, and to make it even funnier? You might think they’re celebrating a blowout, dominating win. But nope. Vandy won the game 16-14.

As if Vanderbilt wasn’t already the laughing stock of the SEC, they just dug themselves even deeper.

Not to mention, the comments were absolutely devastating:

The account ultimately had to shut off the replies to the tweet, but I can only imagine how much worse it could’ve gotten.

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