Bear Slaps Food Right Out Of Stupid Tourist’s Hand In California

feeding a bear

He just said ‘nope’.

These people… they just need to stop. I mean, come on folks, this is as dumb as it gets.

Beyond the fact that you are putting yourself in danger, it just isn’t fair to wildlife. People aren’t natural in their environments, and we can easily work them up or ruin their ability to fend for themselves.

Bears ain’t nothing to play around with either. Black bears can reach weights of 600 pounds, making them quite a large and dangerous animal. Granted, this one is much smaller and seems to be missing a paw, but nevertheless, this kind of mentality will get you hurt. If not this bear, maybe the next… or the next. Your luck will run out…

Bears are just simply one of the most intelligent animals that roam in the wild. To pair perfectly with that intelligence, they have other tools like their strength, bite, and claws. These creatures can get into anything.

That’s what always leaves me wondering why folks think they are some sort of cute and cuddly zoo animal when they see them. I just can’t wrap my head around why anyone would want to foolishly approach something that can kill you.

This bear was quick to let this dummy know how he felt at least.

A man is seen in California, approaching a black bear that is hanging out by a river.

The man reaches out with what looks like a sandwich in hand, just inches from the bear.

The bear reaches up and straight up slaps it right out of his hand. This situation could have been way worse, but even if the bear doesn’t harm you, you’re not doing it any favors by feeding it. The old expression goes “a fed bear is a dead bear,” and it can apply to a number of wild animals.

By feeding the bear, you basically teach him to approach people and places such as campsites, backyards and picnic areas where it can expect to find an easy meal. However, once it gets used to finding food in these areas populated by humans, it can (and most likely will) get aggressive trying to protect its bountiful new territory.

And once the bear gets too aggressive around people, and unwilling to go back into the wild and hunt on its own, it’s time for wildlife officials to put down the bear. You can’t relocate the bear because it will just try and find the next campground or backyard, bringing about another dangerous encounter with humans.

Yep, you basically gave the bear a death sentence so you could feed it a sandwich and put it on TikTok… way to go, idiot.

Be better, people…

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