Deion Sanders Never Imagined Coming To A “Hipster College Town” In Colorado: “I Fish, I’m Fly While I Fish, But I Don’t Fly Fish”

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60 Minutes

If you’ve been keeping up with college football the past few weeks, then you know that the Colorado Buffaloes are thriving under new head coach Deion Sanders.

After only winning one game last season, the Buffs have flipped the script and are now 3-0 and ranked number 14, after defeating arch rival Colorado State in an overtime thriller on Saturday night 43-35 (Which I non-regrettably stayed up until 2:30 AM watching).

Although I’ve never had any reason to care about Colorado football, it’s been pretty cool seeing Coach Prime change the culture in Boulder, and I personally believe it’s great for college football.

However, I’ve often wondered how Sanders is adapting to life in the Rocky Mountains. We’re talking about a guy who grew up in Florida, lived in Texas during and after his time with the Dallas Cowboys, and then moved to little ol’ Jackson, Mississippi to be the head coach at Jackson State.

Needless to say, all three of those places are WAY different than Boulder, Colorado.

With that being said, Sanders recently sat down for an interview with 60 Minutes, where he hilariously talked about the culture shock of moving to a place like Boulder, a VERY expensive, 99% white, hipster college town in Colorado.

He described the place:

“Beautiful, unbelievable, just the whole peace and serenity of it all.

I never fathomed coming here, you know I ain’t ever vacationed here man. I ain’t ever been skiing, or whatever you call it, snowboarding, or whatever all the stuff.

You know I ain’t ever done none of that.”

He was then asked if he ever fly fished, and Sanders responded:

“No I don’t. I fish, I’m fly while I fish, but I don’t fly fish.”

Ya gotta love it. Ol’ Coach Prime responding in the most Coach Prime way possible.

Check it out:

Here’s the full conversation:

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