Rabid Squirrel Walks Into A Man’s Garage And Jumps Right On His Face: “You C***sucker”

Rabid squirrel

Gotta watch out for these squirrels…

Right in his own garage, too. No respect…

You just never know what you might come across with a wild animal. They are so unpredictable it is not even funny. Well, maybe, it is funny…

Squirrels are cool little rodents of the forest. They live nearly everywhere in North America and love running thorough he trees, in public parks, and across backyards.

Often they are food for other things out there because of their size, but in most locations, the population continues to thrive.

These little guys also help out the forest, as they help plant trees and other plants. They store seeds and nuts in the ground and will forget some, causing them to grow into trees.

But while they are an integral part of the ecosystem, they can be viewed as pests too. They love to get into houses, sheds and garages to get ahold of anything they can for a nest, or even nest right in there. They’ll also break into your birdfeeders or your garden looking for a snack.

Nevertheless, we’ve learned to live right alongside them, and their cute and harmless nature makes them rather enjoyable.

But are they cute and harmless? The answer is… not always.

I’m always a little leery of the squirrels in my yard, and I’ll tell you why… they are insanely fast, and they have sharp little claws and teeth. If one really wanted to, it could climb up my back like a tree and bite at my face before I even knew what happened.

Of course, this rarely happens, but you never know… right?

This man lived my nightmare.

A man is seen working away in his garage tinkering with something, as many folks around the country do.

A squirrel is seen coming up behind him… and he chose violence. Without missing a beat the squirrel jumps and lands right on the mans face, in what seems like a movie scene.

He spins around and finally gets the rabid squirrel off, chucking it hard to the ground, and then yells out:

“You c**ksucker!”

I couldn’t help but laugh, but at the same time, this is exactly what I’ve always known squirrels were capable of. Unfortunately, this one was rabid, and this man earned himself a frustrating trip to the hospital.

Time to go get that rabies shot….

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