Group Of Grizzly Bears Approach Trail Camera & It Does Not End How You Think It Would

Bear shaking it on a tree
Help Alberta Wildies Society

You never want to mess with a grizzly bear, and you especially never want to cross paths with a pack of them.

These three grizzly bears strutting their way through Alberta, Canada certainly looked intimidating. There is no doubt that these bears are large, with one appearing to be the mother bear and the other two being a pair of almost fully grown bear cubs.

The video was posted by the Help Alberta Wildies Society, which usually focuses on wild horses that roam the Alberta area (and aims to protect them). However, this clip of bears was just too perfect for them to pass up, and I have to say that they did a great job with the editing.

As you watch the three bears wander up closer and closer to the camera, nothing can prepare you for how the video ends. The ominous music that is playing should give you a pretty good idea of how things finish up.

Will the bears turn on each other and begin mercilessly fighting? Could one of them spot the camera and go up to it and menacingly knock it out of commission? How could the video possibly play out that would warrant that kind of scary music attached to it?

I can’t imagine what would be going through my head if I saw these three massive grizzlies making their way towards me. Those with experience in wildlife always tell you not to run away from a bear and “make yourself appear larger” by raising your arms, but it would be hard to do that confidently while staring down three bears at once.

Like I said, the way things play out is pretty shocking, and I won’t keep you from seeing it any longer.

Take a look:

Sorry if I misled you there, but I think it was better to go into that footage blind.

As you probably saw, the ominous music is quickly traded out for happy, dancing music as one of the smaller bears starts to mark its territory and scratch its back on the tree in the middle of the field.

The younger grizzly absolutely goes to town scratching its back on the small tree, even grabbing some of the branches to really get to some spots that were giving it trouble. With the addition of the “fiesta-themed” music, it really does look like the bear is busting a move.

It’s also rather funny that the other two bears just keep on walking and leave the back-scratching bear behind (while its scratching and shaking its behind).

They must deal with those kind of antics all the time and know that it will catch up with them at some point…

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