Doe Stomps And Runs Off A Coyote Who Was Attacking Her Fawn

Deer stomps coyote

Don’t mess with mama…

She will kick the ever living shit out of you… no matter who ya are.

Deer are wild out there. They really do have it rough. As much as they are adored by people they are by other animals as well. From the day they are born they have to be looking over their shoulder, or someone has to be for them, because there is something trying to eat them.

Deer weigh up to a max of 250 pounds but often average more around 120 pounds in many areas. This makes them the perfect meal size, with lots of meat but also still small enough to take out.

Deer fawns are even more at risk. They are small, weak and every predator in the woods wants to eat them.

Things like coyotes, who are much smaller than deer, weigh up to 45 pounds at most. But they are fierce, wild dogs, and although may have a hard fight with a full-grown deer, can certainly get one down if they are smart. But they like to target the young, old and sick to get the easiest meal they can.

This coyote is seen having its way with a deer fawn. That is, until mama deer had enough and winds up and lets a few kicks loose. The coyote lets go but makes it way back to the fawn. The mother deer is hot on the coyote, keeping the pressure and the fury of kicks on.

Eventually, the coyote decides the meal is not worth the damage and high tails it out of there to get away from the deer kicks.

A mother’s love goes a long way in nature too.

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