Jelly Roll Shares A “Daddy-Daughter Moment” With Daughter Bailee Ann During Performance Of Song She Wrote At 10 Years Old

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Talent clearly runs in the family.

Jelly Roll is currently in the middle of his sold-out Backroad Baptism Tour, still riding high from the release of his incredible debut country album Whitsitt Chapel earlier this year.

But despite his massive success, playing to sold-out crowds isn’t his most important job.

At home, Jelly Roll (whose real name is Jason DeFord) is the father to two children, 15-year old Bailee Ann and 7-year old Noah. And the proud dad recently got to share a special moment with his daughter during a stop on his tour.

During the show in Alpharetta, Georgia in July, the “Need a Favor” singer took a minute to ask the crowd for a favor himself as he introduced Bailee onstage:

“I grew up in Nashville, Tennessee, about two and a half hours up the street from here. And I got family that’s from Newnan, Georgia. So it’s very seldom I get a moment in life that I get to have my family out with me because I’m close enough to home.

Tonight, my 15-year old daughter Miss Bailee Ann is with me tonight everybody.

Not only have y’all changed my life, you’ve changed her life in ways that we can’t even describe. I can’t thank you enough.

And what I’m fixing to ask y’all for is kinda selfish of me, but can we have a daddy and daughter moment on this stage in front of 13,000 friends tonight?”

He then went on to introduce the song that he was going to perform with his daughter – one that she actually wrote herself:

“A few years back, Bailee came to me and said that she wanted to do a song, and she told me she wanted to use writing as a means of therapy. She was probably 10 years old, nine years old at the time.

And I said, ‘Well, I’d love for you to write something and if it’s good, we’ll put it on my album.’ And a few years back we did. This is the song we wrote. She wrote this song, it’s called ‘Tears Could Talk.’”

True to his word, Jelly Roll did indeed include “Tears Could Talk” on his 2020 album A Beautiful Disaster, and featured Bailee singing the track with him.

The two have since performed the song onstage together many times, including this special “daddy-daughter” moment that they shared in front of the sold-out crowd in Georgia:

That’s a proud dad right there.

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